Suzanne infuses her meditation classes with her decades of experience, as well as her scientific insights – she holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Harvard University and spent several years conducting research in neuroscience and brain imaging. Suzanne was first introduced to meditation at age five by her mother; a deepening interest in spirituality and traditional healing methods led to training in Buddhist, yogic, Native American, as well as secular forms of meditation. She focuses on the core aspects of meditative techniques rather than rigidly adhering to dogmatic precepts, making her classes both accessible and inclusive. She teaches a variety of techniques to her students, as she has found that there is no one form that best suits all people, or even any one person at all times. A daily meditation practice is one of the cornerstones of her life, as she has experienced first-hand the grounding and centering effect it has, as well as the ability of meditation to fully transform pain and trauma into joy, love, and bliss.